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Good health with foods containing fiber

Good health with foods containing fiber. Often, weight loss doesn’t involve a calorie restriction diet. And to be in good shape There is no need to sit and count calories in and calories out, as if breathing in and out all day. But losing weight

3 yoga poses to say goodbye to constipation problems

3 yoga poses to say goodbye to constipation problems How Yoga Can Ease Constipation There are actually a couple of ways to get relief from constipation. But, one option that many people overlook is adding a few yoga poses for constipation into their daily routine.

7 easy ways to start losing fat

7 easy ways to start losing fat. Fat is an essential nutrient for health and a source of energy storage. 70 percent of the energy stored in the body is fat in adipose tissue. This is because fat is an important component of cell walls.

Oblak admits pain after Barcelona defeat.

Jan Oblak admits he was annoyed by his football team-mates’ first-half performance in Sunday’s loss to Azulgrana. Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak admits. He was hurt and frustrated that his team-mates started the game late. And missed Joao Felix, who scored the winning goal for

Kehl hints at Dortmund closing door on winter transfer.

Borussia Dortmund sporting director Sebastian Kehl has revealed that. The club will not operate in the January football window unless there is an emergency. Dortmund made money from the sale of Jude Bellingham last summer. But the team wisely strengthened the team by bringing in players