Carbohydrates are useful if eaten properly.

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believe that if people start to control weight The first thing that people will cut Or reduce the amount of food you eat each day, of course, it’s carbohydrates, but do you know that? Carbohydrates are very useful if you can eat well and choose to eat properly. The UFABET report

type of carbohydrates

Choosing the type of you eat is very important for the benefits. The carbohydrates are divided into two types:

Sugars found in foods such as refined flour, sweet fruits

Complex carbohydrates are found in rice, cereals, root crops, taro roots and potatoes.

the necessity of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates even cause weight gain. But even then there are many benefits. It is a substance that provides energy or calories.

  1. glycoprotein (Glycoprotein) and glycolipids (Glycolipids) act to envelop and protect the membrane.
  2. Muscin acts as a lubricant and moisturizes the epithelial tissue.
  3. Mucopolysaccharides (Mucopolysaccharides) are important components in the fibrous tissue.
  4. Glucuronic Acid acts to help eliminate toxins from the body.  Bring unwanted body parts and toxins out through feces.”

Choose complex carbohydrates to reduce cancer. 

Scientists at Cambridge, England, have reported that complex Or dietary fiber can prevent colon cancer. The study looked at 12 countries that consumed mainly white or complex in different daily amounts. The research team found that In people who eat a diet of rice, wheat, potatoes, taro, and potatoes, colon cancer incidence is proportionately less. But the Chinese ate an average of 370 grams of complex carbohydrates per day. It turned out that Australians, both males and females, had about four times the rate of colon cancer than Chinese people.

It can be explained that cancer is caused by the accumulation of salt, bile, and bacteria in the intestines, causing carcinogens Dexycholic Acid. Diluted or less likely to cause cancer. And the starch will be decomposed by fermentation reaction with Lactobacillus bacteria. It causes lactic acid (Lactie Acid) and butyric acid (Butyric Acid), which increases the acidic effect in the colon. Makes excretion easier Complex carbohydrates also inhibit the growth of bacteria that produce toxins that can cause cancer.