Precautions about the Cupping Therapy

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Ancient Chinese medicine commonly uses cupping to relieve body pain caused by blood accumulation in various areas of the body. including the muscles There are many different types of techniques and precautions for those who should avoid cupping, namely:

People who should avoid cupping

1. People with bleeding easily

or those who are physically weak If the physical condition is too weak, cupping is not suitable because it is a drainage method that will cause the person whose body is already depleted. the more lacking

. Menstruating women

if bleeding is present Shows that the body uses a lot of platelets. When causing the body to bruise, it may bruise more than usual and sore easily.

3. Cancer patients

Especially cancer with a clear lump. because the blood supply to the clot area already Because if the cupping is done, it may turn out to accelerate the cancer that has not yet spread to the blood vessels to spread faster.

4. Patients with heart disease

Because the skin has been sucked up. This causes the body around that area to swell and ache. Elderly people and heart patients Excessive pain over stimulation can cause sudden cardiac symptoms. or recurrent heart disease

5. People with open wounds

Swollen, inflamed or infected skin, such as psoriasis, should not be done. because it can cause inflammation in the blood vessels under the skin

6. Pregnant women

especially during pregnancy in the first trimester Cupping should not be done around the waist, stomach and coccyx. because it can easily cause miscarriage

Techniques and types of glass crowns such as

1. Dry Cupping Technique

This technique is to keep the glass cup warm. by being steamed and then taken out When the cup starts to cool will absorb the muscles well

2. Fire Cupping Technique  

Use the pita inside the cup. make the glass cup heat and then use massage oil to massage the body first to make it slippery Then place the glass cup on it and drag it like Slide Cupping (using a glass to cover and drag a long way) is a technique that is currently very popular.

3. Wet Cupping Technique

It is a way to pierce the skin at the point of pain. then use a glass cup to suck up the blood

4. Vacuum cup technique 

Both plastic cups and glass cups are available. Most use plastic with a stopper on top. Squeeze the cup’s stopper to suck out the air inside. But the caution is to observe the edge of the cup well whether it’s too thin or if there are cracks or not. Otherwise, it may injure the skin and cause the skin to tear.