Stress, depression, can cause cancer, is it true?

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stress, depression, cancer causing?

How can stress and depression cause cancer? And how are they related? Today I have an answer.

The first thing we should know is understand stress ‘Close friend’ to be clear first. By Dr. Kritchaya Ritruechai, a specialist in psychiatry Chulabhorn Hospital Let them know that……

“Stress always comes on. When we face a situation that cannot be handle by oneself And as soon as the stress human body. Will respond by creating hormones. including epinephrine (Epinephrine) or adrenaline (Adrenaline) and cortisol (Cortisol), which these hormones will raise blood pressure heart beats faster and sugar levels higher in the bloodstream As a result, people become alert, strong, and energized to cope with the situation. It is therefore considered that a little stress is beneficial to keep us active and active. In daily life

“But on the other hand If the stress last a long time more violent than usual would have a negative effect on the body for example increase the risk To obesity, heart disease, and many other diseases, mental health problems arose. inevitable, such as depression, anxiety. the UFABET report

“Furthermore, stress leads to unhealthy behaviors. or solving inappropriate problems such as drinking alcohol, smoking or using other substances, including eating too much This results in a higher risk of cancer.”

not only this Several human and animal studies have found that Chronic stress weakens the body’s immune system, which can contribute to the development of cancers associated with certain viral infections. Both animal studies also found that Hormones that are release into the bloodstream. From the stimulation of the nervous system also interfere with the cell’s anti-cancer process.

“In conclusion….. Effects of stress on the incidence of cancer There is a relationship in being a common factor. to risk It also results in cancer expanding and spreading, although no relationship has been found. which is evident that can be directly caused But one thing to always keep in mind is We must know how to manage the stress that occurs. not to cause harm to ourselves” …. Advice from Dr. Kritchaya

So …. too much stress Hurt you more than your sorrow and insomnia Make up your mind to let go of bad things. for mental health will not affect the body Until cancer asks for it.