Rules of playing 3 card baccarat.

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Rules of playing 3 card baccarat It is considered very new in our country. It will also continue to develop continuously. This type of baccarat game uses standard 52 cards. The set of cards does not affect each hand. Playing is the same as normal baccarat. Face cards and cards of 10 are worth 0, Aces are worth 1, and cards 2 to 9 have a numerical value (e.g. 7 is equal to 7).

How to play baccarat 3 card.

How to play 3 card baccarat, the dealer shuffles the cards. Wait for the player to place a bet, deal 3 cards to the player and deal 3 cards to himself, the player can bet on the banker or the player who will win. The highest point is a 3 face card and that hand wins. But if the draw will return the money to the player. If the player wins the bet will have to pay a 5% commission. Players can bet only on the banker’s total. UFABET 

Players can bet on the dealer’s total (from 0 to 9 points) for Live Casino. And the payout is 8 to 1. In addition, players can bet on 3 face cards and when the dealer draws that card. Players will receive a prize money of 96 to 1.

And this is how to play baccarat 3 cards that we bring friends together in this article. From the above content, you can see that 3 card baccarat is not difficult to play. It’s also more fun and exciting. Baccarat online in general as well. Anyone who is interested can try to play together.