What is a trio of cards?

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The trio of cards layout is a type of card layout. That can be seen in most Baccarat and Dragon Tiger games. Transparent card layout, solid card layout or match card layout. Rather complicated Therefore, anyone who wants to use a trio of cards to use. Must be educated and learned to understand it first. To reduce the risk of using it.

Techniques for using the formula of the three-guess card to play the game of baccarat.

  • When you play baccarat You’ll find different card layout graphs, the way to do this is so that you don’t mind the main card layout. but focus on Either red or blue card layout chart and can stab at the majority games by UFABET 
  • Some rooms will have a layout of cards with alternating colors, that is, many colors alternate to less colors. For example, the first eye is very colored. The next eye is less colored. If this is the case, the bet is less risky. Because it will allow you to determine bets more accurately.
  • Also see the main card layout. By looking at the main deck, you will know what type of card you are in right now. This will make it easier for you to make betting decisions. And of course, the chances of winning bets are definitely higher.


The caution in using the Baccarat betting card layout is that you will need to select a Baccarat room first and then be able to view this Baccarat Trio card layout. And while using the formula, you need to know the analysis because sometimes the cards that are drawn are not always certain. Therefore, it is important to analyze the cards that you make every betting decision.