Ancelotti is not surprised by Chuameni’s performance.

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Real Madrid’s 22-year-old midfielder Aurelien Chouameni has performed so well that coach Carlo Ancelotti was not surprised in the least. He was football player performance.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has revealed. He was not surprised by what he saw from Aurelian Chouameni as he knew the 22-year-old midfielder so well that he made a €80m bid. To sign with the Monaco midfielder in the past summer. As reported by Marca on Friday UFABET 

‘He didn’t surprise me because we know him well. To invest a lot of money in one player. you must know him He is showing what we expect.’

Ancelotti also revealed that Chouameni is more familiar with playing in midfield than the three. But the Frenchman is getting more familiar with and learning from his teammates. 

‘We are working more defensively. because he plays a good defensive game But he has to get used to the character of his team-mates, playing against (Luka) Modric and (Tony) Kroos is not the same as (Federico) Valverde and (Edu). Ardo) Kamawinga’

The Italian also sees Chouameni as the most natural choice for Carlos Casemiro’s position following the Brazilian’s move to Manchester United this summer. 

‘With the qualities he has He was the most obvious player for that position, but Kamawinka played there and Kroos was very reliable. It depends on how we want to play. If you need more control, Kroos will be great with his passing. If you need more energy, Shuameni and Kamawinga can do better.’ 

‘Shuameni is a great midfielder very committed to his work. He is a special contract,’ Ancelotti said.